Wyden, Merkley Announce Millions for Transportation and Recreational Infrastructure Projects Within the Sunriver Area

The work has already begun on the multiuse path from Sunriver to Lava Lands visitor center… Over the past week or so numerous semi trucks have been driving back and forth in and out of Sunriver…

  • Lava Lands to Sunriver Multiuse Path – $1,877,000 This grant will fund the construction of a multiuse path to connect the Lava Lands Visitor Center, located within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, to Benham Falls and the community of Sunriver. It will enhance the livability of Central Oregon, improve active transportation options to facilitate reduced driving and add substantially to the economic viability of the Sunriver and Bend communities.
  • Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway : Welcome Station – $1,039,040 This project will construct a Welcome Station as a portal to public lands for over 2.5 million visitors each year and will create a multi-modal hub for alternative forms of transportation such as biking, hiking, Central Oregon bus transit and carpooling to byway sites. This project benefits the byway traveler with high quality recreation and visitor information, byway interpretation, and conservation. The Welcome Station will be located a key entry to the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway.

The project(s) is another awesome amenity that Sunriver will have to offer over other destination resort areas in Central Oregon. The project completion will  add more function and appeal to Sunriver and only helps home values in the Sunriver area. www.SunriverRealEstateNews.com

Update 4/4/2014: Work has already begun on the multiuse path from Sunriver to Lava Lands visitor center… Click here for updated information about the project.

Nightly Vacation Rentals Restriction | Sunriver, OR | Real Estate

Sunriver Oregon is a very unique area residential area that mixes numerous types of residences. Vacation Rentals, Second Homes, Full Time Residences, even Hotel Rooms and Long Term Rentals sprinkle the approx 3,300 acres Sunriver has to offer.

Sunriver Oregon is a very unique residential area that mixes numerous types of residences. Sunriver Vacation Rentals, Sunriver Second Homes, Sunriver Full Time Residences, even Sunriver Hotel Rooms and Sunriver Long Term Rentals sprinkle the approx 3,300 acres Sunriver has to offer. With the diverse mix of property uses and types comes the inevitable conflict between property owners and how each intends to use their property. For example, some Sunriver full time residents (of which there are approximately 1,500 of a total approximated 4,500 home sites) do not mind the occasional vacationer renting the home next to them for a long weekend. In fact, some full-time residents in Sunriver may enjoy the activity and like seeing folks enjoy the Sunriver area that they as full-time residents call home. However, every coin has two sides and this case is no different. So the question arises… Are there areas located inside Sunriver that does not allow any type of Vacation or Nightly Rental activity?  Yes. The River Village Condos, North Course Estates, Champion Estates, Alberelo Condos and Muir and Muir Ct. are all areas within Sunriver that restrict nightly rentals. For the most part these areas are on the North end of the resort, often thought of as the quiter end of Sunriver.

For further CC&R information regarding this and other Sunriver Restrictions and Regulations click the following link(s)

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