Easter Weekend Activity at SHARC in Sunriver March 30th-31st, 2018

The Sunriver Aquatics and Recreation Center (or SHARC) is hosting duck races and underwater egg dives for kids at 9am on Saturday, March 31 2018. Children will be grouped into age brackets for the underwater egg dives. The cost is $10 for the duck race or egg dive or $15 for both. You can decorate your duck at the Sharpie Station from 5:30 to 9pm on March 30 or 8-9am on March 31.

Oregon Civil War Football Game Viewing Party In Sunriver | November 29th 2014 | SHARC Event – Activity

2014 Oregon Civil War Football Game Viewing Party! | Come down to the SRARC in Sunriver and root your favorite team to victory | More Info 541-585-3147 | Featured Sunriver Properties For Sale

Oregon Civil War Graphic