Sunriver Owners Association Complimentary Deschutes River Shuttle

It’s back… Complimentary Deschutes River Shuttle Service!

Present your current SROA Member Preference card at the Sunriver Resort Marina to
Deschutes Riverarrange a return shuttle ride from the canoe takeout. You must check in at the Sunriver Resort Marina between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM. Sunriver owners enjoy river floats from the Sunriver marina area to the Sunriver canoe takeout and then take a free ride back to the marina parking area. Great news and a nice benefit for Sunriver Owner’s.

For more information call (541) 593-3492 | Previous Shuttle Service Updates | More Info

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Sunriver Owners Boat Ramp Almost Ready To Go

Sunriver Owners Boat Launch Opening Memorial Day 2015

Sunriver Canoes | Sunriver MarinaMemorial Day weekend should be the kick off for the new boat launch being constructed just south of the Marina in Sunriver. In my opinion, as an owner in Sunriver this is a blessing, as for the past several years there has been some confusion as to who could use the Marina.  As a home owner we were not actually suppose to be allowed to launch our personal kayaks, canoes, etc., but were permitted to do so by the management of Sunriver Resort, as they actually own and operate the marina. The Sunriver Owners Association and the resort management came to an agreement to allow owners to use the marina launch until the owners launch could be planned and built. The agreement all though appreciated, made many home owners feel as though they were not welcome at the marina facility.  Unfortunately for launching your craft then became where? The solution, an owner and their guest’s only boat launch with parking, restrooms, bike rack, concrete ramp for trailer launches and a beach launch for kayaks, rafts, etc. This facility will have a controlled Sunriver Owners Associationentrance by the use of a valid up to date swipe card to allow access to the facility.  Sunriver owners will now have a place within the community that is theirs and not feel as though they are imposing on the resort. This solution of a launch facility by the Owners Association does raise another issue. What enters the river will more than likely head down river and need a way back to the launch facility. The resort operates a shuttle service for their marina guests to return to the marina from the canoe take out a few miles downstream. As an owner what are your chances for a ride on this shuttle service? What will the cost be? Ah, let the negotiations begin. Stay tuned to part two… Will there be a return trip or must the owners find their way back to their new facility? For more details on the launch facility, view the Sunriver Scene or visit the Sunriver Owners Association web site.

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Update 5/27/15-There was some question as to whether the new boat ramp facility would open on time due to a couple of issues. First, readying for the concrete pour of the ramp there was an overnight rise of the Deschutes River rising over a foot.  Next was having the facility pass inspection from Deschutes County inspectors.  Not to worry, as when I drove by Saturday evening May 23rd there was a vehicle with boat trailer parked inside the facility. Access gate was in place, area was fenced, all looking like a top notch boat launch facility that the Sunriver owners and their guests can now use. Not verified, but it is my understanding that you may get a return ride from the canoe take out area down river by the Sunriver Resort’s marina pick bus / van, that returns marina guests to their parking area. It is my understanding that there is a fee involved. Please confirm with the marina staff as to how the system will accommodate you and fees involved, so there are no surprises.  Great job by the SROA management and staff for making this happen as scheduled.

More Information | SROA August 2014 Update

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