Sub-Zero Temperatures Impact Sunriver Homes

The past week or so in Sunriver has been cold! While out showing property in Sunriver this past Saturday I was stomping my boots

The past week or so in Sunriver has been cold! While out showing property in Sunriver this past Saturday I was stomping my boots, trying to get some warmth back in to my frozen feet and thought to myself, “this is the coldest it has been in the past few years.” We all survived the frigid temperatures but all commented to each other that it felt good to get warmed back up!

On 12/10/13 The Sunriver Owners Association posted the following message & picture on their website:

“Winter is upon us and Sunriver has already experienced a bone-chilling -27 below zero on Dec. 7, with daytime temps in single digits and low teens.

Freezing conditions can lead to frozen pipes. If your home is unoccupied, be sure the thermostat is set warm enough to keep your pipes from freezing, or if your pipes are heat-taped, be sure it is plugged in and operational. Inside your home, cupboard/closet doors can be left open to expose pipes to warmer interior air.

Frozen Temps In Sunriver, ORThis Sunriver home was only discovered Dec. 11 by someone driving by. Water was leaking from the second story, creating a wall of ice.

You can make arrangements with a home service or property management company to check on your home throughout the winter months.

Occupied or not, your crawl space vents should be closed and vent plugs in place. Outside faucets should also have foam covers in place.

As your owners association, we try to provide you with information you might need to protect and enjoy your Sunriver home, but we do not provide property management or security services. The following local businesses provide home check and/or security services. Registration with SROA is not required for many of the services they provide. We are aware of them through various sources, but listing them here does not in any way imply endorsement by SROA, and the list may not be complete. If you are unable to ask a friend or neighbor to check your home, you may want to contact one of them. (You can see the SROA’s full message and contractor list by clicking here)”


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