1. As an annual visitor to Sunriver EVERY Thanks giving with many family/friends (20-30), I was wondering/hoping that your new facility has indoor capabilities for something which is family friendly and many can participate. My hope is volleyball or wallyball, which people of ALL ages can participate. Possibly if the basketball court is full court, with the addition of volleyball standards, half of the court could be set up for volleyball. Many thanks for taking this into consideration. Pat Maguire

  2. Hi Patrick-

    Thank you so much for the comment. It doesn’t seem to me that the facility will have the ability to accommodate exactly the type of activity you are talking about. Of course, with that said, I’m a Real Estate Broker and may not be “in the know” on some of the more specific details of how the facility will be operated and what its capabilities are or aren’t. I’ve extended my “feelers” to my contacts that work specifically for the SHARC center and they may be able to add some insight, since their knowledge of the facility is more intimate than mine.

    Here is what I do know… I took a indoor tour of the facility last week. It is gorgeous and will be capable of handling a number of different types of events. The indoor pool will have a pool basketball hoop and so that might be able to accommodate a larger number of people all at the same time. Of course, there is the indoor pool itself which is quite large, a group could likely hang out around in this area. There is a large ballroom sized multipurpose room… That might be a area where activities like you speak of could take place. However, the SROA has plans to charge and rent out that room to groups and organizations as a way to help supplement the operation of the facility itself (the operation of the facility won’t be cheap). It would be great if on days or evenings that the multipurpose room is not rented out that it would be used for family friendly activities.

    The center will have a indoor fitness center with machines etc…, and exercise room where more specialized types of activities would take place (yoga comes to mind). Of course those types of things like working out on a machine or in a class is not really family friendly. The basketball court if very nice but is outdoors. Believe it or not it is close to 50 degrees here today and if I weren’t hard at work I’d love to be out running up and down the court. The sledding hill may be another family friendly activity but it is outdoors. A cafe will be operated out of the center but I’m not sure the specifics of its operation, regarding times dates or cuisine. The restrooms and locker rooms have been designed so that families with small children can have a more private area to change. Hope this all helps you somewhat… Thanks again for the comment, I’ll share with you what my contacts have to say about your question/comment. I think it’s great that you bring it up, as it does seem to be a area that could be addressed to ensure that the facility is used to its fullest extent. Since the SHARC center is so new it seems that now would be the time to affect change or shape use. Thanks again

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  3. Hello again, Patrick. All the SHARC rep could add to your question is that teen dances and indoor family movie nights have been talked about and he would like to see them too… Stay tuned.

  4. Thanks Kyle for a very thoughtful reply. I guess my best hope are two standards which we could use for volleyball. I know Mavericks has two but didn’t bring them indoors the last two years. As I said before, I’ll bring my own net and balls next year with the hope that one of the two facilities has standards. Again, I appreciate your reply!!!! Have a great weekend sir.

  5. Anytime, Patrick. Thank you very much for the comment and thoughts. I see what you mean by standards now, I must of glossed over that. I’ll keep putting bugs in peoples ears and will keep you posted if I hear anything worth reporting.


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