The Village at Sunriver’s Ice Rink – Now Open


  1. I have called 3 times to find out the operating hours for the skating rink. All that happens is continuing ringing with no recording. You need to have a recording with your current hours of operation. You are missing out on business!!

  2. hello Bob-

    thanks for your comment on my website/blog! im a realtor with prudential northwest properties whom trys to keep the public informed of local news and happenings.

    im not affiliated with the sunriver village ice rink… however, i just called the number (5pm 3/16/2011) and spoke with ryan smith the manager. ryan said the phone was off for a few days for some reason and its now back up and running. he is there now (541-593-5948) and he can give you the times for the rink coming up in the next days and weeks…

    thanks and hope this helps. let me know if you have anymore questions or comments.

    best regards,
    kyle hoak
    prudential northwest properties

    sent from my i-phone

  3. I just stumbled upon this site while I was looking for the name of Ryan Smith’s entertainment company. I didn’t know this existed. Pretty cool. Peace.

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